ExCeL 2018 Summer arts camp

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Ape runs a creative arts camp every summer at the ExCeL centre for local young people in East London..

Here are the highlights from our 2018 camp..

So, to recap.. ExCeL In The Arts 2018 is a Newham borough 5 days arts summer camp for 10-16 year olds produced and created by Ape Media and funded by Headstart Newham in partnership with CG, ExCeL London, BigGIVE & MoPAC.


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BlackWoman showcased the best of four emerging designers and 20 models on 23rd June 2018 with Catwalk Shows, Human Rights Presentations, and Cultural Debates. In September 2018, during London Fashion Week, there will be Catwalk Shows with an addition of a Natural Skin Care Product market place, with a Designer Showroom organised throughout the day for potential buyers to talk directly with designers.


BlackWoman 2018 – The Inauguration

Saturday, 23rd June 2018

BlackWoman shows are a glossy, crowd-pulling experience where young, edgy designers showcase their next-generation cool with art-world style presentations rather than classic catwalk shows.

BlackWoman was an original idea by Shane Campbell, concept further developed by Trevor Blackman (Ape Media), and is a fashion experience dedicated to celebrating the beauty and creative talent of African and Caribbean women living in London. Read More

#Newham Rising

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newham rising

Youth Violence in London is on the rise:-

  • Gun and knife crime rose 42 per cent and 24 per cent respectively in 2017 from the previous year.
  • 50 per cent of London’s kids apparently know somebody who carries a knife
  • The “peak age” for carrying knives is getting younger, now between 13 and 17 years old

Over 15 weeks, twenty young people expressed their views through Music Production & Drama courses about the issue of Knife Crime. How did it affect – Them | Their Families | Their Communities. Come and see their stories.

“What young people see is youth centres closing down, benefits being cut and their families struggling. To them it seems like the Government cares more about those who have money. When young people constantly see adults who don’t care about them, who don’t look out for them, they start to rebel.”
Trevor Blackman, Founder, Ape Media


Course Details

So we start back at Ape Media in partnership with Academy Achievers, with support from Eclectic Clique, on Tuesday 3rd July. 


This will be a 15 week programme over the summer and September for young people at risk of getting caught in crime:

#NewhamRising (2nd Edition) Programme will offer the following Creative and Personal Development workshops:-

  1. Film Workshops,
  2. Music Vocal & Production. Marketing & Business
  3. Mentoring
  4. Basic Skills (Literacy and Numeracy)
  5. Digital Literacy

Located in our Stratford studios. 

  • July: every Tuesday & Thursday – 5.30pm – 8.30pm
  • August: During the day and some evenings. Times yet to be confirmed
  • Sept: every Tuesday & Thursday – 5.30pm – 8.30pm (later with the showcase). Performace night is 20th Sept.


The Music Programme

It includes:

  1. The Overview – To give young people  an introduction to key facts & stats, You need if you are in the music industry, Revenue streams, Music business services and Live music promotions. Also start to think about products they may want to release and perform.
  2. Record Labels – To look into the area of record labels large and small and the self-releasing artist. Also start preparation for marketable product.
  3. Gathering Income – To share the many different ways of generating income in the music business sector. Also start preparation for marketable product.
  4. Artist Management – To explore the art of management. There will be a guest artists in on this day… Possibly Sir Spyro again to talk on management and agencies / shorter production time
  5. The Live Side – To learn about the live side of music business. Work on product to perform and market.
  6. Air Play – To investigate how radio is still one of the most important media platforms. Work on product to perform and market.
  7. Digital Marketing & Social Media – How is this now the most important tool in music business. Work on product to perform and market.
  8. The End of The Beginning – To discover what each learner has gained from the course. Work on product to perform and market (live and for a short film).

Sessions 9 – 12 working on the final performance and music for short film.

(NB: Depending on commitment REDDOT will arrange for a trip to possibly go to red bull studios or MTV.)

Industry support comes from Sharky Major | Producer/DJ Spyro | Millie Mayor | Producer Jae5 | DJ Logan Sama  with Jonathan Butler from REDDOT Records running the music side programme.


More information, or if you’d like to contribute to our work:

Trevor Blackman – trevor@ape-media.com             Carol Berry – carol@ape-media.com



Notes to Editors:

Masterclasses – The courses are enhanced with ‘Masterclasses’ from industry experts in music and theatre/TV, who are invited to share insider tips and assist with the young people’s progress. Ape Media invites producers, songwriters, artists, TV/film directors and other professionals to impart their knowledge, offer words of support and provide practical demonstrations to enhance the growth and aspirations of each young person.

Literacy, Numeracy and IT – In addition to the weekly courses in drama and music production, the young people will be invited to booster sessions in literacy, numeracy and IT lessons. They’ll be able to complete homework assignments, work on personal projects and develop their confidence in these areas.

Finale Event – The finale event ‘Our Thoughts, Our Feelings, Our Perspective’ will take a place on  20th September and will be a showcase of the works produced by the young people on anti-knife crime. It will be a great opportunity to hear and see the work they have developed. There will be an artist Q&A and performances on the night.

Outcomes: To develop skills, knowledge and experience in the creative arts, to build confidence and self esteem with actions and decision making, and to have a voice that is listened to.

The Home Office#NewhamRising  has been an early intervention programme (funded by the Home Office)  that has provided creative workshops in music and drama to 20 young people aged 11-21 year old at risk of becoming involved with knife crime.


Your Beats Your Words Project

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Latest project Ape Media is working on.

Your Beats Your Words – 8 week creative writing and music production courses.

Stratford and Manor Park – Newham


It happens in a darkened room. Then on a spotlit stage. A song unleashes its power and who knows where it’ll go? Songs fuel desire, inspire hope, break hearts, rock worlds, unite people, shake booties, turn blahs into AfroBeats, and sometimes make us feel as good as Rude Kid or Beyonce.

All in a mere few minutes. Join the Creative Song Writer course and over 8 weeks you will learn the time-tested elements of songwriting craft and then how to perform your work to a live audience at our new venue – Lounge 37 (Stratford).

Industry professional will also deliver master classes. Whether you like pop, rock, hip-hop, R&B, or country, we’ll show you how to write songs that soar. When you know how to express yourself well with ‘Your Words’, you’ve got a special power.

Yours Beats (Music Production/Marketing and Digital Promotion):
Inc. Industry professionals master classes supported by BBC 1xtra | JOAT | Ghetts | New Money Recordings

Beginner or Advanced

Our industry renowned team of musicians and engineers we teach you how to create and mix it like Damon Dash and Naughty Boy! Working with our music professionals who have produced dubstep remixes of chart artists such as Ellie Goulding & T Mulla! Over 8 weeks this course will teach you about the Structure & Arrangement of your own music. You come up with the ideas and, we will teach you the Sound Design and help you with the Production.

Advanced Course

This course for you – if you have already been told – you have something special as a music artists. If you feel you have ‘it”, we will provide you with the knowledge, technique and style to progress to the next level. Those attending the advanced course will also learn how to execute a successful digital promotion campaign and perform their work as part the BIG MUSIC PROJECT at various venues across East London including our new venue – Lounge 37 (Stratford).

So you can create, perform and sell ’ Your Beats’!

During key holiday periods (Easter and Summer), one- week (5 day) intensive programmes of the Music and Creative Writing courses will be run for 10-16yr olds, of all abilities.

During the summer of 2017, these programmes will be run at the ExCel London Exhibition Centre (Custom House), as part of a special summer arts camp and showcase with the addition of specialist workshops around music performance and event management.

My Journey as a Trainee Administrator at Ape Media

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Whilst being at Ape Media, I have immensely gaining extensive skills and knowledge required, to enable me to reach my goal and dream job of becoming a PA within the Music Industry. I have learnt new skills along the way, such as: creating professional business documents, how to structure and write out minutes meetings, how to take detailed messages, the importance of a to do list and more.

Here is an outline of what I have been doing to make positive steps to gain skills in my chosen career path and some tips Ive learnt and am still learning along the way.

Picture1Minutes Meeting

I have been writing out minute’s meetings for team meetings, board of directors and business meetings. I learnt how to structure and write out minutes meetings during my Business Administration class as well as putting my knowledge gained into practice at Ape Media, this is a method of learning that really works for me and it has definitely come in hand in hand studying Business Administration at Elatt Training Centre and working as a Trainee Administrator at Ape Media, What I really like about writing minutes meeting, is the fact that it has improved my writing skills. I have also got into the regime of writing minutes straight after the meeting has finished as the information received will still be fresh in my mind and to proof read my work before sending it out to attendees.

So I have been told that I am very detailed with my minutes since I’ve invested in a Dictaphone, however I know I will really need to improve on my vocabulary, my spelling at times and to carefully proof read. Although it may seem discouraging, it actually gives me a chance find out my weaknesses, so I know what I need to do to be even better and flourish.

Here are some Minute Meeting Tips, which I have discovered through research and experience.

  • To prepare yourself ahead of the meeting by understanding the agenda, knowing all the necessary details of the meeting and reviewing related documents from previous meetings.
  • To Build a glossary of name terms
  • To clarify new attendees contact details: full name, email and their profession.
  • To use a consistent template


One skill I would really like to enhance is my typing skills, to have the ability to type up information using a Dictaphone without stopping the recording button all the time. I have actually been practicing this skill on the job, I have found it is very challenging to do, therefore I will need to break this skill down into manageable steps, so I have been working on my typing skills further to acquire this skill in my own spare time, using the Mavis Beacon Typing Skills DVD, where she demonstrates the correct and fast way of typing.

typingMaking To Do lists

I use Tick Tick to create my to do list’s because I can just about use it anywhere but sometimes I just write my to do list in my notebook. To do lists are extremely helpful, as I can refer back to what I need to do and I can tick off the tasks I have done. It gives me a clear indicator of important tasks in accordance to priority starting at the top of the list, but if there are tasks that can be easily completed, I will complete these tasks as I find that I am being more proactive to get things done. I write down everything into my notebook, at least then I can look back on the information if I need it for any particular purpose.

PA to Manager

I also take on the role as a PA to my manager. This job consists of checking the voicemail messages, taking messages, following up on any requirements from my manager to be completed, keeping up to date with my managers diary, to remind my manager of upcoming appointments/meetings and of any important tasks to be completed at a certain deadline along with all the details required. I also take business meetings and I get food/drink for my manager, if he has a really busy schedule during the day. This has really helped me immensely, as this is a good way of taking small breaks and walks away from the office, that way I can focus clearly, especially when I am overloaded with loads of tasks to do during the day, it really helps me to relax more.

Answering Phone Calls

I am getting really confident on the phone, believe it or not I once was really shy to answer the phone but now I do it without even thinking about it. Although I have improved a great deal over the phone, I would still like to improve my telephone skills more by practicing. I do take a lot of messages throughout the day. From experience, don’t be afraid to ask the callers to repeat themselves, as this is a sure way to verify the information received is accurate.

I had my appraisal for the first time and discovered it is very crucial to self-reflect, to outline what I am really good at, to recognise and praise myself for my hard work and effort and what type of skills I will need to build upon. Listening to others feedback is extremely vital because others have an insight on useful perspectives that I may not have on my own.

I really do enjoy what I do as a Trainee Administrator and it really does makes all the difference in the world. I am finally listening to myself and doing what I love that is; being apart of a company that makes a difference in the life of the younger generation, being around Music with those who share the same passion but also developing skills that I love doing; typing, writing, making to do lists and being organised. It has been challenging but very rewarding. I would like to share a inspirational quote that keeps me motivated to press on and it may even inspire you to keep this quote or encourage you to find a quote that relates to your values:

“What distinguishes us one from another is our dreams and what we do to make them com true” Joseph Epstein.

Never Give Up

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This documentary “Never Give Up” was shot in Stratford (London Borough of Newham) where a lot of young people find themselves in difficult situations: some find themselves homeless and others in financial crisis. However charities like Ape Media give young people the opportunity to study and express their individual talents, which will help them later in life.

Marco Liscio (Director/Editor)

Antonio Perrotti (Sound Operator/Runner) &
Emanuele Gengari (Camera Man).
Bryan Ntueba (Associate Producer) & Trevor Blackman (Executive Producer)

That Was Peter Crowe

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Peter Crowe’s life is not going well: his wife is divorcing him, he doesn’t see his daughter enough and to top it off, he’s about to lose his job. An interview with feared journalist Anna Moss is his only chance at swinging opinion back in his favour and keeping his career on track. But Peter’s down-to-earth nature is at odds with the carefully scripted rhetoric his advisor Tabiya has prepared for him. Can he bite his tongue long enough to keep his job or will his temper get the better of him?

Written & Produced by Richard Caves & Marcos Avlonitis

(Please note that this is a pre-release version.)

2015 IYAF International Music Collaboration

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Created, Directed, & Edited by Antonio Marotta, Francesco Leone, and Alessandro Monetta, take a behind the scenes look at 3 different musical artists (Julia, AMIRO & The Domino Collective) as they give us a taste on what it is like to be in the musical industry.

Commission by International Youth Arts Festival 2015

Bad Kids (prequel) 2014

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A prequel which introduces you to the central character Prince, of a new drama called ‘Bad Kids’.

Bad Kids — The Long Weekend due to air 2014 is based on the true events of young people aged 14-22 year olds, who I have worked with for the last 15 years in East London; but the ordeal of most was much worse in real life.

Bad Kids — The Long Weekend chronicles the life of a group of three East London teens. The drama is raw and will push boundaries as they attempt to climb the social ladder by any means possible, even if they have to use sex, lies, and murder to get there. It’s not easy living in a part of London where everyone has a dark secret.

Written by Chris Samuels
Produced & Directed by Trevor Blackman