newham rising

Youth Violence in London is on the rise:-

  • Gun and knife crime rose 42 per cent and 24 per cent respectively in 2017 from the previous year.
  • 50 per cent of London’s kids apparently know somebody who carries a knife
  • The “peak age” for carrying knives is getting younger, now between 13 and 17 years old

Over 8 weeks, twenty young people expressed their views through Music Production & Drama courses about the issue of Knife Crime. How did it affect – Them | Their Families | Their Communities. Come and see their stories.

“What young people see is youth centres closing down, benefits being cut and their families struggling. To them it seems like the Government cares more about those who have money. When young people constantly see adults who don’t care about them, who don’t look out for them, they start to rebel.”
Trevor Blackman, Founder, Ape Media



More information, or if you’d like to contribute to our work:

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Notes to Editors:

Masterclasses – The courses are enhanced with ‘Masterclasses’ from industry experts in music and theatre/TV, who are invited to share insider tips and assist with the young people’s progress. Ape Media invites producers, songwriters, artists, TV/film directors and other professionals to impart their knowledge, offer words of support and provide practical demonstrations to enhance the growth and aspirations of each young person.

Literacy, Numeracy and IT – In addition to the weekly courses in drama and music production, the young people will be invited to booster sessions in literacy, numeracy and IT lessons. They’ll be able to complete homework assignments, work on personal projects and develop their confidence in these areas.

Finale Event – The finale event ‘Our Thoughts, Our Feelings, Our Perspective’ will take a place on Thursday 12th April and will be a showcase of the works produced by the young people on anti-knife crime. It will be a great opportunity to hear and see the work they have developed. There will be an artist Q&A and performances on the night.

Outcomes: To develop skills, knowledge and experience in the creative arts, to build confidence and self esteem with actions and decision making, and to have a voice that is listened to.

The Home Office#NewhamRising  has been an early intervention programme (funded by the Home Office)  that has provided creative workshops in music and drama to 20 young people aged 11-21 year old at risk of becoming involved with knife crime.